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3 Things You Should Do After You Enter Your Music In A Playlist

So you just entered your song into a playlist? You're probably wondering what are your next steps? As a music blogger, and musician, I can tell you there is a lot you should do. Honestly, 90% of artists don't even do half the things on this list, so equipping these tools can help you stand out to blogs, and music websites.

1. Build Rapport with Music Blogs

Music bloggers are generally very busy, and bogged down by listening to hundreds of songs a week. Many days are full of people requesting to "repost my song" or "give me a shout out." Here's a personal hint coming straight from the heart. Whatever you do, don't be that artist.

Instead, spend your time building a relationship with the blogger. Learn who they are, their goals, and how you can help them on their mission. You are the artist at the end of the day. You will get your shine and millions of admirers eventually. But for now, let the music bloggers have a little taste of the "all star" treatment. Most importantly, if they do happen to like your music, don't forget to say, "thank you." You wouldn't believe how many artists don't.

2. Gather Marketing Materials

Do you want to know a secret about music bloggers? Sometimes it's not just the artist's music alone that gets picked. Sometimes, its the visuals associated with the artists. Here's an example. Artist A has a mediocre song, but no visuals. Artist B has a sub mediocre song, but great visuals. Who do you think will get picked. Artist B is the right answer, why? Because humans are visual creatures first. And thats not just true with music bloggers, but for your fans as well.

As a musician in the digital age, you must have marketing material whether its photos, graphics, logos, music videos, ect... These can paint a picture of who you are as an artist as strongly as your music can alone. This means taking the time to find high quality resolution photos of yourself, and maybe investing in a photographer.

Next, gather all the photos, music video links, logos and material and organize it. Be ready to hand it over to blogs. You want to stay organized so it can save both you and the music blogger a ton of time. The last thing you want, is to get your song on a playlist and have no visibility on the music blogs page or social media.

The better your photos, the easier the blog can market you and spread your music. Remember, your visuals should tell the same story as your music, so make sure your visuals are cohesive.

3. Reach Out To Other Artists On The Playlist

Who better to also build relationships with th