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Publish Your Brand The Right Way

Making music is hard but creating your brand is even harder. Establishing credibility around your brand can be difficult and time consuming. Which is why Gold Coast curates your story through our Press Release Articles, Studio Performance and Published Interviews. 

Establish Credibility

One of the most important things an artist must establish in today's music industry is credibility. It can be hard to gain relevant clout and credibility among a vast pool of competition as an upcoming artist.  


Here at Gold Coast, we recognize your talent and story before the major labels do. Our Press Release Article and Studio Performance make you legit. Our solutions generate buzz and credibility, while giving you professional content to establish a brand.  

Ultimate Social Media Package (4 Phones)

Professional Content

  • Studio Perfomance Video

  • Studio Interview

  • Professional Press Release Article

  • Curated Content

  • Feature on our website

Ultimate Social Media Package (3 Phones)

Curate Your Story

  • Your success is 20% music and 80% branding 

  • Professional write-ups help to paint a better picture and position your story and brand in the minds of your audience

Ultimate Social Media Package (Side By S

Elevate Your Brand

  • We evaluate your music and branding upon submission and help target those areas for improvement

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Bundle Kit Deals 
Ultimate Social Media Package (Product B

Build your brand with a Bundle Kit that covers all areas of marketing. This comprehensive package includes all of our offerings in one bundle.  

Get Published Today

Ultimate Social Media Package (Product B
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"Gold Coast Labels has helped me increase my brand awareness. Their Professional Studio Performance and Press Release Write-Ups were just what I needed to generate buzz, legitimacy and tell my story."

- Angelikah Fahray, singer,  songwriter, Indie musician 

Real Artist | Real Testimonial  

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